In the Computing curriculum we use a variety of software and hardware to teach computing skills. Please follow the links below to see some of the free software that we use in school. All of the software is free to use at home and the pupils will know how to use it.

Scratch is an online programming tool that is used from Year 2 to Year 6.

SketchUp is a tool for created 3D models. It is used in Year 5: We are Architechs.

Picasa is a photo editing tool that can be used to work with pictures and add captions. This is used in Year 2: We are photographers. It can be used across the years when editing pictures for homework, web design, etc.

Inkscape is used to draw isometric shapes and patterns. It is introduced in Year 5: We are artists but is great fun for all years.

Google Docs is an online package of software that is used across the school. Years 3 to 6 use it for designing websites, collaborating with group ideas, creating questionaires, etc.

The Hour of Code is a website that can teach coding of computer languages, it is introduced in Year 6 but can be used from Year 1.