English Curriculum

At Manford Primary School, English is at the heart of everything we do and skills in reading and writing are taught across the whole curriculum. Teachers promote a love of the English language through daily, engaging lessons and a range of appropriate intervention groups.

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More about Reading

More about Writing

Reading and Writing Opportunities

Key Stage 1 Writing Assessment Guidelines

Key Stage 2 Writing Assessment Guidelines

Reading Assessment Guidelines

Family learning at Manford

We believe that family learning is a great way for you and your child to learn together.

This spring, Manford primary were pleased to partner with Redbridge institute to provide a family English course for parents in reception and year 1. Parents and carers were taught the language and methods used in their child’s classroom to teach reading, writing and phonics.  This helped to build their confidence in supporting their child’s learning and development at home.

The course also provided an opportunity for the children involved to build their practical and social skills and to attend workshops to further their learning.

We are very proud of our families who have finished the course and are now better equipped to support their child at home.