Governor Comments and Visits

Holocaust Memorial Day


I had the privilege of attending the Holocaust Memorial Day at Valentines Park today, not only to remember those that lost their lives in such terrible circumstances but to also watch three children chosen from Manford Primary School to say a few words in honour of those that lost their lives.  Alfie East & Adita (6W) and another young lady Gennique (6G) really made not only myself but the staff members from Manford so very proud. They stood tall spoke clearly in front of a large group of people (not an easy task for many) their behaviour throughout the service was impeccable and the respect they had for what this memorial service meant to many shone through. Well Done Manford Primary.


Paula Gillham (Year 6 parent)


 6G Class Assembly


I was privileged enough to be able to see 6G present their assembly. It was an absolute joy to watch and extremely informative. The themes set provided an invaluable insight into the curriculum year 6 have covered thus far. There were scenes of acting from “The Savage”, a clever comedy based on “The Hobbit”, a beautifully synchronised guitar performance, alongside reading and display of graffiti art work. It was absolutely amazing! We were informed that the children had written their own scripts and very little time to practise, It was a credit to the children that they remembered all the scenes, words and tunes. They should be very proud of themselves, a big well done to all the children.


Shabana Hussain (Governor)


Sharing Assembly 

I attended the sharing assembly at Manford on the 29th November 2017 – it was superb, there were 7 classes in the hall, 1 from each year and they took the audience on a journey of learning.  It was a joy to watch and listen to the children, all were very well behaved and took pride in sharing their work, well done to all.

Carolyn Baulch

Parent Governor


Christmas Production

An outstanding performance by Year 2 & Year 1. The devotion of children to present their characters and learn their dialogues by heart made the Christmas show an overwhelming experience. Year 1 performed their best dancing moves and made the show even more enjoyable. The performance was truly a treat to watch. 

Well done to all the staff involved and making it a successful show!

Misbah Khurram

Chair of Governors 


E-Safety Day Governor comments

Following this evening's e-Safety Talk I feel so passionately about getting this message out to as many parents at the school as possible that I had to write and tell you my thoughts tonight.  Maybe you could use some or all of it in a future newsletter.  Here goes:

Having just attended the the E-Safety Talk at Manford this evening and I have to say I was truly shocked at what I have learnt.  I consider myself very internet savvy and extremely careful (some would say overly so) of what Apps my 10 year old has access to.  The 2 John's who delivered the talk pulled no punches in demonstrating the shocking reality that some of the most popular online Apps pose to our children and the downright devious means adopted by some shady individuals in manipulating our children by preying on their innocence and vulnerabilities to achieve their warped goals.

The parents/carers in attendance were totally engaged, as I was, which was evidenced in the high level of audience participation.  I was literally on the edge of my seat at times and the 2 hour talk passed by so quickly it felt more like 20 minutes!

The 2 John's concluded the talk with an extremely meaningful analogy by depicting the internet as a train carriage and your child using a particular App was like them going off on their own in real life and taking a seat on the train.  The stops on the train would be Apps like Instagram, Roblox, Snapchat, etc.  As a parent/carer we would not let our child(ren) get off at a stop without first checking the environment was safe for them.  The message I got from this was for me to assess the game my child is playing, know the potential dangers and take the necessary precautions to make it safe, satisfy myself that I am happy for my child to use it and then monitor their usage of it ongoing.  Most importantly, if we encourage open and honest dialogue with our children they will feel that they can tell us anything that may be worrying them.

Let's all keep our children safe online by reviewing the valuable information provided on the EST E-Safety Training Facebook page and also

Parent Governor

I would like to say a huge thank you to Manford Primary for giving both the children, and parents, the fantastic opportunity to meet John & John.  E-Safety is a huge topic and it was covered at appropriate levels with all children in the school, the children were a credit to Manford; they listened, engaged and interacted in a well behaved and sometimes thought provoking way, they were able to give honest feedback and were reassured they would always be listened to. The day was very structured and I would definitely recommend John & John; I would also like to thank the school for organising the films and snacks for the children in the evening, this allowed approx. 60 parents to attend the evening session, well done Manford!!!

Parent Governor

20 November 2017 20:15

I attended the E-safety training at Manford last week. It was an eye opening talk for parents by Ex-police Officers John & John regarding “Stranger Danger Online”. The presentation was somehow scary but extremely informative on how to keep kids safe on the internet. The suggestions we received were invaluable and definitely educated the parents to be more vigilant towards what our children are able to access online and the harm online gaming could bring.

The whole day training for pupils and staff was absolutely an achievement to bring awareness of internet safety.

I would like to thank Mrs James for realising the need of this training and putting all her hard work in to arranging it.

Chair of Governors 


Reading Cafe

Reading Cafe for Year 1 was another fantastic opportunity by Manford to engage parents in various reading activities with their children. 

It was fully enjoyed and participated by parents. 

The dedicated staff were available to give hands-on support and ideas to help children explore their love for books and reading.

Misbah Khurram
Parent Governor


Parent Drop-Ins

I attended Parents Drop-in sessions before half term, its surely the one not to miss.

This session gives an excellent opportunity to parents, to look into their children's class work books and discuss anything with the teacher on the spot, if they have any concerns. 

Its wonderful to see how keen Manford is to invlove and support parents to monitor their child's progress.

Misbah Khurram

Parent Governor


French Breakfast Morning

I had a really enjoyable time during the French breakfast morning, it was good to listen to all the children talking to the teachers in French.

It was an extremely well turned out event once again with a constant queue from 0830-0855 and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Glen Haywood


Year 3 and 4 Production: Shakespeare Rocks

Shakespeare Rocks, well it certainly did for the Year 4 and Year 3 children in Manford.

I watched the production on the 28th March, perfectly performed by the Year 4 and Year 3 children, it was absolutely amazing.  The hard work that had been put in by

both the children and teachers was there for all to see; the songs were fantastic and the children were animated and enjoyed every minute of the performance.  It was a credit to the children that they remembered all of the words and they should be very proud of themselves – well done children!!

Carolyn Baulch



The Fire Brigade visit Reception

Whilst in school on Thursday 27th April, Hainault Fire Brigade visited the school in the afternoon for a familiarisation session. I observed the session with the Reception classes and pupils from Hatton School.
Again I was impressed by the behaviour of the children. They lined up and waited patiently for their turn to climb into the fire engine and sit down whilst fire officers talked about their work and safety. The children were supported throughout the session by 2 teachers, Mrs Arora and Mrs Allaway. This was a very valuable session for the children, all of whom gained a lot from the afternoon.
It is so good that Manford continue to facilitate these opportunities for the pupils so that their education is a real learning process and their experiences wide and varied.
Well done to everyone particularly those who arranged it.

Sue Bloom



Year 1 Assembly Feedback - 01.03.17

"Brilliant performance by 1M pupils. Great to see how confident they were in front of the audience and how excited they were to share what they have been learning in the school. Their beautiful singing at the end made the show even better. Thank you to Mrs Medhurst and the staff for their commitment to make it a pleasant experience for parents."

Misbah Khurram

Parent Governor


Thursday 02.03.17

“It was an excellent idea to organize a Book Swap morning on a World Book Day. It was great to see that even the cold windy morning couldn’t weaken the excitement of the children to come early to school and swap their books for another. Certainly a great opportunity to encourage pupils to develop their love for reading.”

Misbah Khurram

Parent Governor 


KS1 production:

"A heart winning performance by such young children which truly deserved great appreciation. It was fantastic to see how the children took their singing and acting so responsibly while enjoying it to the max. 

Well done to everyone involved to make this Christmas production a success."

Misbah Khurram
Parent Governor 


Years One and Two Nativity

All the children were full of enthusiasm, energy and confidence and produced a show with a definite ‘WOW’ factor!

A triumph for all concerned.

Well done and thank you.


June Thomas (Governor)


“I was honoured to join Year 4 on a trip to Tower of London. The visit was full of learning aspects starting from orientation to Hainault station, travelling on different train routes and looking at the history behind Tower of London. 

The trip was well led by Mrs.Mandel and the staff. All the staff members supported pupils to learn and enjoy while keeping them safe. The session “The King beneath the Armour” with costumed presenter was full of historical information and most enjoyed by the pupils. They all made Manford proud by participating and sharing their knowledge about Tudor time with the presenter. They were thrilled to try on the armours’ and learn about it practically. The visit to “The Crown Jewels” was an overwhelming experience and gave pupils a chance to learn the importance of Crown Jewels. 

I am sure the pupils enjoyed this curriculum based trip as much as I did. This was certainly an excellent opportunity for children to deeply understand the history of Tudor time and Henry VIII. I would like to thank Manford and the staff for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this learning trip.”

Misbah Khurram

Parent Governor


"Reception Christmas Concert was outstanding. I was stunned to see the amazing performance and enthusiasm of the children. This musical show gave families an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the concert. Hats off to the staff involved who's dedication made it an enjoyable, unmissable show"

Misbah Khurram
Parent Governor 



Observation of Christmas at Manford Primary from a school Governor.


On Wednesday I was in the school listening to pupils reading. I am always impressed by the enthusiasm of all those that I have the opportunity to listen to. I am pleased with the number of parents who listen to their children reading at home and complete the record books. Pupils are always proud of what parents say. It helps pupils to develop reading skills so much.

Nativity Play

I had a brief opportunity to observe the nativity play on Wednesday afternoon. The enthusiasm of the pupils was rewarded by the attendance of many parents. The outfits were excellent and all pupils sang with gusto.

Christmas Bazar

On Friday afternoon I attended the Bazaar. Again there was so much going on with a lot of families attending. The enthusiasm of all staff and helpers was excellent. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event. I resisted the urge to burst balloons or eat chips as the activities were so busy but it was a privilege to visit.

I would like to congratulate all staff for achieving so much particularly straight after the pressure of having OFSTED in school but as always, everyone rises to the occasion.

Sue Bloom


(Dec 2016)


Please find below a visit note from Misbah Khurram, a parent governor of Manford Primary School:-

“I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Red Reception’s assembly. It was an outstanding performance by such young children. I felt emotional and proud to see how brilliantly they all participated. It can be daunting to perform in front of an audience but the smiles and confidence on the children’s faces showed that they were enjoying themselves. This truly was one of the best assemblies I have attended this year. I would like to thank Miss Arora and all the staff involved”.  



It certainly would have been a crime to have missed this great show!

As usual all children in years 3 and 4 were involved, learning so many words and songs and performing them with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

A lot of hard work by children and staff certainly paid off.

Good fun. Well done.

June Thomas – Governor

I would like to thank you and the staff of Manford Primary to give us this opportunity to witness such a fine and outstanding performance by children at the production. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
It undoubtedly showed the hard work put into creating this excellent piece of work. It was great to see the children performing so confidently and enjoying it as much as we did.
I am sure all the parents must have felt proud of this standard of presentation by pupils and staff.
I look forward to the next production.
Misbah Khurram – Parent Governor

French Breakfast 9th March 2016

What a scrumptious French breakfast morning successfully organised by Mrs Krish and the staff of Manford Primary School.
It was such a pleasure to see the hardwork of staff, fully enjoyed and supported by pupils and parents.
Parents enthusiasm showed keenness to learn and be involved in their child’s activities and Manford has undoubtedly always opened the doors to parents to get this opportunity.
Misbah Khurram
Parent Governor