The latest Governing Body meeting was held on Tuesday 5th February 2019.  Information provided on this page will be updated shortly. Please use the links below to find out more about our governors.


Mrs J Donnelly

(Head Teacher)


At Manford we aim to provide a happy, caring, secure, stimulating environment for your child. Our staff work hard to ensure that the pupils enjoy their time with us, make good progress, develop a positive self-image and "Believe in Themselves". 

We want our children to be enthusiastic and engaged in their learning at all times and our curriculum is organised to provide a rich and broad range of experiences to meet the needs and interests of every individual. 

Our school community is culturally and ethically diverse and we believe that by building strong relationships with our families we can build an ethos of understanding, harmony, respect and celebration to maintain high aspirations for all. Working together is crucial to success.  We look forward to working with you and creating a successful partnership.


 Ms. Misbah Khurram

(Chair of Governors)


I have a  firm belief that every person at every level can make a valid contribution. I became part of the governing body to support school decisions and to see how the school runs.

I am looking forward to having an opportunity to use my skills to help support the school and continue to aim to reach its full potential. 

I am passionate about developing opportunities for children and creating a supportive environment so they can confidently grow and achieve their best. I hope to build a relationship with teachers, pupils and parents and be there at the governing body meetings to represent and support views of the parents.

Being a parent governor gives you a chance to understand the school better. It gives you space to put forward your views to support the school system. It is a massive opportunity to work closely with staff and the governing body to fulfill the needs of the school.

Since I became a governor I have attended quite a few school events, for example school assemblies, Xmas productions, Barnardo's tea parties, French Breakfast morning and other in-house productions.

I am always thrilled to witness the outstanding performance of pupils. It undoubtedly shows the commitment of teachers and pupils and their involvement to make every production successful. 

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Ms Sue Bloom

(Vice Chair)


Having worked in education with children and young people as a career, I am interested in using that experience and knowledge to support children to fully embrace the educational opportunities offered at Manford Primary School.

I have knowledge and experience of working within school communities and the Local Authority and am able to support children with reading and writing on an individual basis. I am able to contribute at the governing body on curriculum matters, monitoring, safeguarding and finance. I have some experience of OFSTED inspections.

I visit the school at least once a week to support children with reading. I also attend events which are open to parents including the Carol Service in Manford Way, the end of year productions and afternoon teas. On the governing body I have reported back on lessons and assemblies which I have observed.

Being with children and helping support them through education to realise their potential is very rewarding. The thing I am most impressed by at Manford is the commitment of all staff and the excellent behaviour of the pupils which creates a good learning environment.

Ms. Carolyn Baulch

(LA Governor)


I wanted to understand and learn how Manford Primary is run. I want to have an input into some decision making processes and to know what to expect from the Education System.

I am bringing a fresh pair of ears and eyes to the school. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to use my skills to help and support the school and continue to aim to reach its full potential.

I would like to build relationships with teachers, pupils and parents – as well as attending governor meetings. I would like to help support the school with future events

One of the good things being a governor is to have a chance to voice my opinion and put across my viewpoint - either on behalf of myself or others.


Mrs. June Thomas

(Co-Opted Governor)


I became a governor because I am a retired Head Teacher of a primary school and am still very interested in education.

I hope that I have been able to make a useful contribution to the discussions at the governor meetings. I am also chair of the Curriculum and Standards committee.

I visit the school each Tuesday morning for an hour to hear pupils read. I also have attended school performances, parent evenings and staff training days.

I enjoy my involvement with the school and its pupils and hope that I play a part in ensuring that Manford provides a rich and stimulating environment in which pupils do well.

Mr. Glen Haywood

(Co-Opted Governor)


I became governor to have some input into the school.

Being a governor I hope to have a positive impact, children love having visitors into their classrooms.

One of the good things about being a governor is knowing that you can come in and visit the school anytime you like.


Mrs Shabana Hussain


My interest in becoming a Parent Governor, stems from my desire to give back to society by volunteering to support my local community. This role gave me the perfect opportunity to be part of a team that helps make a positive difference not just for our children today but for generations to come.

I hope to make a valuable contribution for pupils at Manford, in their education, opportunities and future. I aim to give full commitment to all the link areas assigned.I hope to have opportunities to challenge the school's performance. To ensure in the process that every child gets the best educational experience and support possible.

My aim is to gain a better understanding of how efficiently the school runs and how we can improve on our current standards.

A school is one of the most interesting places in the world, and I am privileged enough to be part of it! Having the opportunity to see the school in another perspective, aids in making a difference in improving standards throughout a school. Providing support to the school to make a real valuable difference to the staff and children alike. To be able to see how well children are progressing in achievement and confidence throughout the school years. The satisfaction of making a valuable contribution which sees the success of teaching methods and students achievements.

Mr. Steve Carter. (Clerk).  

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