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Manford Primary School

Late/Absence Procedures

The start of the day

Our preschool has a dedicated entrance in Manford Way.

All other pupils come into school through the gates on Arrowsmith Road. These gates open in the morning at 8.40am and children go straight into class when they arrive. All children should be in school by 8.50am. The teacher is in class and there is work for children to do from 8.40am. Registers are taken at 8.50am.

From 8.50am children are considered late for school and details are collected at the Arrowsmith Road gate.

At 9.00am the gates are closed and children need to come into school via the main office in Manford Way. If a child arrives after 9.30am they receive an unauthorised absence in the register. Repeated unauthorised absence could lead to a penalty notice being issued. 

Absence from school

We expect all children to be in school, on time, every day.

Sometimes children are too unwell to come to school, for example if they have a tummy bug which makes them vomit.

The majority of children can still come to school with a cold, although if your child has symptoms of Coronavirus they should not come into school and you should take them for a PCR test.

Often, children who feel a bit under the weather in the morning are fine when they are with their friends in class.

If your child is unable to come to school you should telephone the office on 0208 500 2143

When you know your child is going to be absent, for example for religious observance or an appointment you should complete the leave of absence form

Full information can be found in our attendance policy