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Manford Primary School

What's it like to be a child at Manford?

We are so happy to have children back in school again. We are looking forward to being able to update this page with all the fantastic things we get up to at Manford.


Welcome back!

The pupils arrived with shiny new (black) shoes and smiles, ready to learn. The teachers were well prepared with our new curriculum and focus on reading.

Year 6 achieved level 2 in 'Bikeability'. Helping them keep safe when out and about.


5H visited the Natural History Museum as part of their work on the Stone Age. They produced some great work back in school too.


The whole of Key Stage Two visited our local Chuch to celebrate harvest. We shared some of our work and our singing amazed the Vicar and his wife.

Year 6, learning and working together.

This week saw Year 6 pupils either attend residential in Kent or take part in activity week in our local area.

At Swattenden the children had to make their own beds, clear up the dining room and work together to solve problems. We were immensely proud of their maturity, positivty and resilience. The staff at Swattenden praised their attitude and behaviour.

For activity week children took part in a photography project- which has created a great display back in school. They were welcomed at nearby Forest Academy secondary school for a day of catering, science and art. They also took part in water sports at Fairlop Waters, showing the same positivity and determination as their peers on residential.



Activity week


After our Harvest festival we took a visit to the Redbridge foodbank. We donated over 950kg of food that we had collected.


The 'Gangs Unit' from the Metropolitan Police came and worked with Year 6 on peer pressure and how to avoid becoming involved in crime.  Really important in our local area.

5H became planets when they learned about the solar system!

Year One became chefs and food presenters for their curriculum work. Miss Payne was very impressed with their computing skills!

Manford remembers. For the first time every member of our school-staff and pupils- came together for a minutes silence. we all contributed to a discussion about what 'peace' means to us.

National Tree Week

In our curriculum we prioritise using our local community as well as cultural development. To mark National Tree Week every child visited Brocket wood and learned about British woodland. There's some excellent work on display in school.


Well done to Key Stage one for a sensational Nativity! Brilliant singing and you remembered all your lines. 

The whole school learned about Christingle from one of our Governors, Helen. In class, we tried to remember the steps and the symbolism and made Christingles together.